Day 158: I Smell Winter

158. September 15: Mile 2603.36 Golden Creek to Mile 2625.28 Campsite 
The temperature is definitely starting to drop. We woke up to layer of frost and bitter cold. It took a while for us to get comfortable taking off our extra layers. I certainly wouldn’t want to be out here much long on account of the cold alone. 
A morning six mile climb left us with more amazing views and with nothing but smaller climbs from here on out. Glowworm had a bit of a rough morning. She’s been experiencing cold-like symptoms for a couple mornings now and it really slowed her down. It’s rough because at this point there’s nothing we can really do aside from pushing on to Manning Park (Canada). It’s the closest town along with being the end point. I feel so helpless because there’s nothing I can say or do to really make her feel any better given our circumstances other than keep going. 
After lunch things started looking up for us as we walked along an impressive ridge towards Hart’s Pass. Hart’s Pass is the last place to bail before Canada and for Nobo’s who don’t have their remote entry permit, they have to hike back here to leave the trail. Unfortunately there’s a fire ten miles east of the PCT that has closed all trails east of us as well as the road to Hart’s Pass. The Forest Service is, however, providing a shuttle for hikers to get off there. Since we’re going into Canada and onto Manning Park, this does not affect us. 
As of now we have less than 25 miles to the border! Still anxious to be done as I’m sure you cam tell by now. I’ve really lost interest in writing these damn things each night and haven’t had the energy to write anything entertaining or funny. So all we got left now is a full day tomorrow, three miles on Sunday to the border and onto Manning Park eight miles further to finally be done. Thank goodness because it’s pretty dang cold as I’m writing this in the tent right now. Snow is even forecast for Monday. 

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