Day 154: T-100 Miles

154. September 11: Mile 2586.84 Campsite to Mile 2551.39 Campsite 
Geez, another fantastic day! And today is five months on the trail! After so many totally crap days lately, the past couple have been phenomenal. We began the day at the top of the climb we did yesterday with fantastic views of the sunrise. It’s also worth mentioning that the stars last night were stellar. It’s been weeks since I’ve last had a chance to look into the night sky whilst being clear. 

Anyway, pretty much the entire first half of the day to lunch was spent hiking downhill. At the bottom began and eight mile climb, but as it turned out, was even easier than the climb yesterday and we were able to scamper up it without losing much pace from the morning. 

We’re camped at one of the coolest campsites we’ve stayed at on this whole trail. The tent is at the base of a colossal rock face with fallen scree and debris that has slid into the valley below us. There’s still some patches of snow up there too. 

Tomorrow we should be able to get to the trailhead for Stehekin either late afternoon or early evening and hopefully get to the famous bakery to load up on many items that will surely send me into cardiac arrest. By our best estimates (which should be pretty accurate by this point) we are now just a week away and less than 100 miles away from the northern terminus! Fingers crossed that winter holds off. The weather has been on a downward trend to getting cooler each day, especially at night. We shall see!

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