Day 151: Non-smoking Section, Please

151. September 8: Mile 2465.66 Campsite to Mile 2486.70 Pass Creek 
I’m speechless right now. We just finished a full day of hiking with the absence of anything going wrong or anyone being miserable at any point. Remarkable! The smoke has finally cleared although clouds and fog have come to take its place, which I’m fine with actually. This is how Imagined Washington to be in the first place and I’m finally getting it. 

Through the bulk of the morning is was cool with low hanging clouds and dense moist air making breathing a sublime experience. This is of course in contrast to the aggressive nature of inhaling air with a tinge of smoke so it was a welcomed change especially on some of the morning’s climbs. As we hiked, we wound our way through the coniferous rain forest and were able to really take it its beauty and splendor. As the day wore on I was able to listen to podcasts without the motivation of blocking out the misery and thoroughly enjoy them. 

Due to the lack of any sort of major drama there really isn’t much to say, although I’m sure Glowworm will have far more interesting insights than I will. I admittedly have been short on inspiration to write anything absurd or funny or otherwise interesting. I do think that’s just indicative of the times, though. We haven’t had the extremes of the desert or dealing with snow or the like. Instead it’s just been frustrating days with a few good ones mixed in resulting in fairly mundane posts. Then again, my best posts have been the results of extraordinarily circumstances that are often not necessarily fun, so I’ll trade in the lack of inspiration for some peace. 

For an update on Dr. McDirty and Cougar, they got a ride back to the trail a few hours before us and are likely just ahead. If we don’t see them before we get to Stehekin, then we’ll certainly see them in our final town. 

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