Day 146: Flights, Food Trucks, and Views

146. September 3: Mile 2390.60 Snoqualmie Pass to Mile 2397.84 Ridge Lake 
Cass, the guy who gave us a ride to his cabin, drove us back to Snoqualmie Pass this morning where we started planning out our next moves. I guess this would be a good time to mention for those who don’t know, Glowworm and I have been dating since the end of May and after this trip, I will be joining her to live in Canada. So for the first month or so after we’re done, we’ll be visiting each other’s home towns before I permanently move to Canada with her. 
The time had finally come for us to book our various flights to go back home. We now have a pretty good estimate on when we’ll be done (September 17) and so we plan to spend a week in Vancouver and Seattle before we fly to Toronto so I can visit her family through Canadian Thanksgiving and then she’ll join me in Indy through the end of October. So we were able to book all of those flights in addition to our last couple resupply boxes. 
While we worked, we ordered these amazing rice curries at a food truck nearby and they even gave thru hikers a free beer! Hooray! After buttoning up all of our internet chores, we finally left and resumed our hike. It was all uphill, but the views were gorgeous. Washington is proving to be more and more beautiful the further north we get. Hard to believe we’re only two weeks from being done!

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