Day 137: What Happened to Dr. McDirty and Cougar?

137. August 25: Mile 2152.73 Campsite to Mile 2175.14 Trout Creek 
Man, today was pretty tough. We only did like 21 miles (which is short by our standards lately) and the terrain was just straight up and straight down all day. At breakfast, Glowworm’s friends from high school, Chill Step and Crimson along with Payless and Ramsey passed up and we sort of leapfrogged each other all day so it was at least nice to have familiar faces throughout the day. Other than that not much happened. 

Since nothing much happened, I guess I should take the opportunity to give an update on our friends Dr. McDirty and Cougar. I’ve received a few questions lately about what happened to them and I realized I never really went into much detail. So the last time we saw them was way back in Sierra City. There was still some snow coming out of there and they were in a rush to get to Chester so Cougar could be by a phone due to her grandmother having surgery. Glowworm and I, on the other hand, were trying to slow down into Chester to meet my parents there. So the combination of those two events put them about three days ahead of us and that gap has been maintained since. Although we recently who got within two days after skipping all of the fires in Oregon. I believe they got back on at Olallie Lake before Government Camp where we did so that gained us a day on them. We would still very much like to catch them and finish all together since we started on the same day, but we’re not going to push to achieve that. 

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