Day 134: It Burns!

134. August 21: Mile 2111.65 Lolo Pass Road to Mile 2136.13 Campsite 
I would say that nothing happened today, but a nearby fire has began growing in size early this morning and caused everything in the valleys to be covered in smoke and waft upwards to the ridge where we were hiking. After crossing paths with Tripod while at lunch who we haven’t seen since Lake Tahoe, we were informed by a Forest Service employee that the trail ahead wasn’t going to be closed today, but recommended we clear the area as soon as possible. He wrote down our names and phone number in case they needed to evacuate the area and we were still on the trail. 

We could see the newly burning sections from the ridge top with thick, white plumes of smoke towering in the sky from the valley below. It was pretty cool, actually. Tomorrow we have eight miles to Cascade Locks and likely our last real town and hotel before we reach Canada. We dreamt of all of the food we are about to eat all day. Definitely excited for town and Washington!

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