Day 130: No Worries

130. August 18: Mile 1947.69 Campsite to Mile 1950.10 Elk Lake Resort then hitch to Bend, OR
Woke up feeling like Christmas morning today. We were so excited to get to Bend as we have been thinking about this for weeks now. It was a short two mile walk to Elk Lake where we crossed paths with two little boys on bicycles. They asked us where the PCT was and shortly after showing them where to go they came back over to us and said, “Hey when you cross the road there’s a paper plate sign with Freckles and Pandora written on it. When you get there follow the sign and there’s beer and fresh fruit!” We looked at each other like, “uhhhh…okay” and then proceeded to follow their instructions where we did indeed find some wonderful trail magic. These trail angels had set up camp for the names on the sign since they knew them, but had also sent their kids out to invite others as well. It was wonderful. We ate muffins and fresh blueberries and had a nice comfy chair to sit it. I love these kinds of surprises. 

After we ate some breakfast there, we went back to the Highway to get a hitch. It took about an hour for someone to pick us up due to everyone driving away from town to the lakes for the weekend but we eventually were able to get a ride. He wasn’t able to take us all the way to town, but our second ride took us all the way to the motel. 
Since we had to kill three hours before the room was ready we headed over to McDonald’s to grab some lunch and use their wifi. I wound up eating a Big Mac, medium fry, medium root beer, 10 piece chicken nuggets, and an Oreo McFlurry. It tasted wonderful when I ate it, but it eventually came back to haunt me. 

We chilled at the hotel for a while and showed and did laundry before walking to the Crux Fermentation Project brewery for dinner. This place was so cool. It’s built in an old AAMACO transmission factory and also has a big lawn with live music and lawn games. We ate inside and had these extremely tasty falafel peta wraps and a flight of all kinds of really good and complex craft beers, some with flavors that I never thought would be good in beer. I sadly was not able to finish my wrap due to the aforementioned McDonald’s feast at lunch, but it was still all very good.  

Glowworm and I were just able to relax and talk without the worries of the trail. After eating we walked out onto the lawn to enjoy the sunset and live music. While there, we rsn into some hikers from Australia who we had just met in the morning at the trail magic. So we chatted with them for a bit before heading back to the motel and going to bed. 

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