Day 129: Fredrick the Baby Chipmunk 

129. August 17: Miles 1922.66 Charlton Lake to Mile 1947.69
Ok so not much happened today, which is actually quite nice we walked and then we ate and so on and so forth. We did, however, have a little fury friend at lunch in the form of a baby chipmunk who kept trying to steal our food. He would try to sneak up on us and then scurry away when we would move or look at him. It was so adorable! We named him Fredrick. 

Tomorrow we’re going to try to hitch to Bend from Elk Lake Resort and then check into our hotel room, do laundry, shower, chill, and then head to the Crux Fermentation Project brewery for dinner. So pumped!


  1. Nancy L Stenger · August 18, 2017

    It took me over two hours to read all the posts from the two of you. However, I thoroughly enjoy every minute spent reading about your adventures and misadventures. I love you grandson.

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    • Gummies · August 18, 2017

      Thanks, Grandma! Definitely missing you and everyone at home. Looking forward to visiting when I get home.


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