Day 128: Hotels and Dude Bros

128. August 16: Mile 1904.10 Shelter Cove Resort to Mile 1922.66 Charlton Lake
I have good news. We booked a room at a semi-reasonable rate for two nights in Bend. When we called the Rodeway Inn last night it went to voicemail so we tried again today and we were able to get a room for $150 a night. That’s still like $50 more a night than we wanted to spend, but given that most rooms in town were well north of $200, we’ll take it. 

The day itself was pretty uneventful. We spent the morning passing time by discussing our “best of’s” for the trail so far like best town and best meal. We wound up camping by Charlton Lake so probably more condensation in the morning, but it’s a beautiful lake. There’s a bunch of dude bros here with their super ultralight gear and stoveless dinners of cold mush. They’re just here to shoot the shit and do whatever dudes do. God they’re annoying. They just talk about they’re various physical feats and how many miles they’re able to do in a day. It’s now 9:00 PM and they’re still talking loudly while everyone else is trying to sleep. Not all hikers are wonderful people, but most are. 

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