Day 127: Oregon is Neato

127. August 15: Mile 1886.87 Summit Lake to Mile 1904.10 Shelter Cove Resort
Another cold morning with condensation inside the tent. We camped by a lake so I guess that was to be anticipated. The morning was beautiful, though, despite its cold. Mist was rising from the lake and from the trees creating a very surreal environment. 

Oregon has so far been so gorgeous. The forests, mountains, and lakes have been so stunning. It’s certainly been on of my favorite sections. It’s a shame so much of it is currently closed due to fire. By the afternoon we stopped at one of those lakes for a swim which we hadn’t done in a while and it was so refreshing. The floor of the lake was a bit mushy and slimy, but was still a lot of fun. 

Once we got to Shelter Cove it was late in the afternoon so we ordered a large veggie pizza and some beers to chow down on while unpacking our resupply boxes. Because we’ll be getting into Bend on the weekend we figured we should make a hotel reservation for our planned zero. We quickly found out that everyone’s prices have been jacked up significantly due to the eclipse happening in a week or so. The Day’s Inn cost $175 a night and the hostel even cost $100 a night for a bunk bed! I’m as excited for the eclipse as anyone, but this thing has really fucked us over. All we want is to finally take a relaxing zero not motivated by illness and we can’t even afford to stay in a motel with a single bed. I know the word doesn’t revolve around us, but it’s so frustrating. 

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