Day 119: Stomach Flu Part 2

119. August 7: Mile 1725.61 Campsite to Mile 1740.20 Hyatt Lake Campground 
The fun continued today. And by fun I mean it was complete shit. Didn’t really feel a whole lot better this morning. It took me a couple hours to pathetically help Glowworm tear down camp and get ready to leave (sorry Glowworm, thanks for your patience). Every time I would get up and walk I felt weak and queasy with both stomach and bowel issues. My hiking resembled more along the lines of staggering with a pack on trying to keep my eyes open. We stopped several time to take long breaks and wound up just taking a long nap at lunch. 

I was able to finally get a full meal down and therefore had enough energy to make it to camp alright. Camp was a significant bit shorter than we hoped, but we (I) really needed the rest. In fact, after our recent string of shit days in the last couple weeks, Glowworm and I have determined than we desperately need a zero when we get to Bend. We’re both mentally drained and all we can dream about is just lounging around with a TV, bed, and a bathroom. Today, I had absolutely no interest in hiking or anything related to the PCT. I have the wherewithal to know that I’m having a bad day and this will pass, but right now it sucks. 

Camp was a very nice treat, though. It’s a drive in campground with a section for PCTers and also has a bathroom with hot showers. We played a few games of cards after a solid dinner and I’m definitely feeling better. As write lying down I’m feeling some gurgles in my stomach so we’ll see if I still feel well in the morning, but I’m holding out hope. 

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