Day 116: They Call Me Ishmael in Oregon 

116. August 4: Mile 1676.73 Campsite to Mile 1701.37
Finally after nearly four months of hiking we have made it out of California. It seems like we’ve been in Cali for an eternity even though it’s been less than four months. It was only 12.5 miles to the border and we were able to get there for lunch. Definitely the most gratifying milestone we’ve hit so far!

After the border we hiked on to some water and after years of wanting to read Moby Dick, decided to listen to it on tape while I had some service to download a few chapters. I had an abridged version when I was in fourth grade and had really enjoyed it and so far have loved the real thing. 
It’s at this point I think it would be an appropriate time to talk about what I think and dream about all day. This hike won’t really satisfy my appetite for adventure. Call it an addiction if you want; that would be fair, but for a long while now I have been dreaming on learning to sail. After this hike is all said and done I hope to move to the coast and spend the next few years learning the craft of sailing. I think what really draws me to sailing is very similar to what has drawn me to long distance backpacking. You’re trying to in some ways conquer nature, yet you’re at the mercy of it. You also have to use nature to your advantage and harness its power. Sailing is the same way. The dream would be to circumnavigate the globe, but I’m also aware of the undertaking that would be, but I can at least let my imagination wander. 

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