Day 112: I Don’t Know What Happened 

112. July 31: Mile 1597.20 Etna, CA to Mile 1612.56 Campsite 
I have no idea idea what happened today because today is not today. It’s currently August 2 I think because I was too tired to write it on the actual day when it was actually July 31. So if you want to know what happened then I suggest reading Glowworm’s blog. Well, assuming she’s not as lazy as me. So instead I’m going to write a story because it’s 110 degrees and I just really don’t care. 
Once upon a time there was a little boy named Fredrick who loved to play water polo. Each summer Fredrick would spend hours at the pool treading water and throwing the ball into the net. 
One day, when Fredrick was especially tired, a large foul porcupine came crashing into the pool. The porcupine burst open the water wings of a nearby three year old. So Fredrick jumped into action and swam feverishly over to the boy. Unfortunately, though the neighborhood bully was repeatedly doing cannonballs into the pool causing massive waves which prevented Fredrick from saving the boy. So the porcupine rolled his eyes and saved both of them because he didn’t feel like dealing with it right now. The end. 

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