Day 108: Swimming and Some Other Stuff

108. July 27: Mile 1519.35 Campsite to Mile 1543.40 Chilcoot Creek
Today was so much nicer than yesterday. I know this because I really have no idea what happened other than going swimming in a lake. It might also have something to do with how exhausted I am as I lie here in bed. Glowworm was completely passed out by the time I even finished brushing my teeth so yeah, we’re both pretty pooped. 

The terrain today was pretty chill no major ups or downs enabling us to just cruz along with a hitch. In the afternoon we stopped at Upper Deadfall Lake for a swim which felt so incredibly good. Being able to rinse off in a lake is a luxury you can only truly appreciate after spending weeks on the trail. 

This whole area reminds me so much of the desert. The red rocks and desolate ridges with sparse tree cover really takes me back to where we began so long ago. By the time we got to camp we were back in the trees. And now I’m pooped so that’s all I got. Good night and good luck and stuff. 

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