Day 105: Kindness From More Strangers

105. July 24: Mile 1482.18 Squaw Valley Trailhead to Mile 1498.70 Mt. Shasta, CA
Back in town again today. We had about a seven mile climb before descending into town. Initially, it looked like it was going to be a tough climb, but it settled down and at points didn’t even seem like we were climbing. 
It did take us until around 3:00 to finally get to the road, but we did have to hike a total of 16 miles so it wasn’t bad. Glowworm had received an offer from a follower of her blog for a place to stay in Shasta a week ago or so. So we took him up on the offer and it was absolutely wonderful. We stayed at a cottage he rents out across the street from his house and it was complete with showers, laundry, kitchen, beds, and even board games! 

When we got to the trailhead he and his adorable kids picked us up and drove us to their home where we cleaned up before getting Thai food in town. After coming back to the cottage we spent the evening drinking some beer we bought in town and playing Uno and Battleship before going to bed. And for those of you who are familiar with the now infamous Scrabble incident in South Lake Tahoe, yes, these games were as emotionally intense as that was. Feelings were definitely hurt. For the record I won both games of Uno and came extremely close to making an epic comeback in Battleship. 

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