Day 103: This Is A Bit Hard

103. July 22: Mile 1430.20 Peavine Creek to Mile 1456.63 Gold Creek
This morning I said to Glowworm, “Knock on wood, but this trail hasn’t been as hard mentally as I was expecting.” Yeah, well, I spoke too soon. Today was tough. Not tough due to mountains, or extreme weather, or injuries, or anything specific really. It was just draining.

The trails reminded me a lot of the ones I’ve hiked in Indiana with the exception of having coniferous trees instead of deciduous and a lot more mountainous. The path was overgrown with shrubs and undergrowth that scraped you arms and legs and got caught on you pack as you walked by. It was borderline bushwhacking in some spots. This is tune with a hot and humid afternoon coupled with a lack of seeing any other hikers made today really hard. I knew Northern California was going to be tough, but it is really starting to hit me especially now that we’re trying to do 25 mile/13 hour days on the reg. Definitely going to be tough, but I’m up for it. 

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