Day 101: Not Quite Trail Angel, Not Quite Hostel

101. July 20: Mile 1394.33 Campsite to Mile 1407.20 Burnet Mountain Guest Ranch
Really the only thing that I have to say about our hike to the Guest Ranch was that it was hot. We arrived around 1:00 PM, but the entire morning was pretty darn warm and sunny. The terrain was a mix of black volcanic rock and vast fields of dry grass. Very desert like, but still quite different from anything else. 

This Ranch is a weird place. It has the vibe of a trail angel, but you have to pay for it. It’s not much, but still it’s kind of strange. I’m not sure what to make of it. The place seems like private property with all of the buildings being very residential. The only difference is that there’s a price tied to everything. It’s a like a mix between a church camp and a rural convenience store. Odd. 

Anyway it’s still a really nice place. We were able to get a shower, laundry, lunch, and dinner as well as access to the pool which was wonderful. When we sent our food resupply to this place a few weeks ago we had planned for 20 mile days instead of 25. On top of that I over bought food for this last section and had a bunch left over. This all means that I have a shit ton of food; way more than I need for three and half days. So I just dumped a bunch in the hiker box even though I hate the thought of wasting food. Oh well. 

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