Day 97: Pancakes, IndyCar, And Ribs

97. July 16: Chester, CA
Zero day here in Chester. Probably the last zero for a while since we really need to start making miles. The four of us (Glowworm, my parents, and myself) all went out to breakfast at the Kopper Kettle, a local breakfast joint. Even though we haven’t been making the miles we normally do and spent the bulk of the day chilling and eating, my metabolism still was able to engulf almost two pancakes, two eggs, and four slices of bacon. My diet is certainly one of the highlights of this trip. It’s also worth noting the I lost ten pounds early on and have maintained a weight of around 135 since. 

After breakfast we all just hung out in the hotel room and napped, posted blogs, caught up, and otherwise just chilled. Around Noon the IndyCar race in Toronto came on TV and we watched that. This race is especially important (or at the very least mildly interesting) because Glowworm is from a town near Toronto. It was a great race, local boy James Hinchcliffe made it onto the podium, and I got my racing fix in town. Pretty good afternoon. 

In the evening Glowworm and I went to resupply at the grocery and I probably bought way too much food, but at least I won’t go hungry. We then all went out to eat at The Locker Room sports bar. Honestly when I saw the place yesterday I wasn’t all that impressed, but when we looked it up on Google it was far and away the highest rated place in town. It definitely held up to the claims and was very good. My dad and I shared ribs which I haven’t had in a long time and I also had a good IPA as well. Glowworm and I topped off the evening by having a dip in the hot tub. Definitely one of the more relaxing town stops I’ve had on this trail. Looking forward to crushing some miles this week. 

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