Day 95: I Hiked 1000 Miles, Fools!

95. July 14: Mile 1311.99 Campsite to Mile 1325.50 Campsite 
You know that song that goes, “and I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more”? Well, I really hate that song. Glowworm sang it all day yesterday as she was approaching her 1000 mile mark and it was stuck in my head all day today as I was approaching mine. Ugh. Kill me. Anyway, so yeah I not only reached my personal 1000 mile mark, we also crossed the PCT midpoint at 1325 miles (which happened to be 0.2 miles before my 1000 mile mark). 

The only other significant thing that happened was we walked over Butt Mountain, which surely amounts to something significant. Other than that it was a pretty chill day. The morning consisted of climbing Butt Mountain and the afternoon consisted of descending Butt Mountain and then hitting our milestones. 

Tomorrow we’ll hike the three miles into Chester and hopefully devour the supposed 32 oz. milkshake that is sold at the Pine Shack Frosty and then wait for my parents who will be coming into town in the afternoon. 

Oh, and for the record for dinner I had ten Oreos with peanut butter, a handful of Cheetos, and three Take 5 bars. Life if good. 

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