Day 91: Good Day

91. July 10: Mile 1261.00 Bucks Lake to Mile 1277.74 Campsite 
This was one most relaxing mornings I have had in town on this entire trail. We woke up around 6:00, but our hosts had made us coffee, biscuits and gravy, eggs, fruit salad, and bacon for breakfast. All the hikers gathered together on their porch to eat and swap stories before going our separate ways. Before we all left, the hosts wanted to take each of our pictures and put them on a board they keep of all the hikers they host over the summer. It was by far the best in town trail magic we’ve received in the three months we’ve been doing this and the first time I have ever come out of a town completely relaxed and energized. 

The day’s hike was pretty nice. Unlike the last few days where we’ve been in thick pine forest, today we had a lot of gorgeous views of the valley below with mountain lakes and cliffs down below. I even caught up with SoHo (Southern Hoosier) from Bedford, IN who I met way back in Warner Springs only a week into the trail and haven’t seen since. He also skipped a big portion of the Sierras. It’s amazing how people you think you will never see again will all of the sudden appear again. 

Our campsite tonight is so scenic as its perched in the saddle between some peaks along a ridge with views on either side of the ridge line. We should be getting into Belden tomorrow and kill some more time by spending the day there before moving on to Chester. 

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