Day 90: Rest In Bucks Lake

90. July 9: Mile 1257.04 Lookout Rock to Mile 1261.00 Buck’s Lake
Back in January or February when my naive self was planning this trip my parents said that they would love to come visit me when I get to Crater Lake in Oregon. So I figured based on past years that I would do about 18.5 miles a day and that would put me at Crater Lake near the middle of July. Well, things changed mildly as you may have picked up on in this stream of consciousness series of various rants over the last few months so yeah. I’m no where near Crater Lake, let alone Oregon. So the plan is now to meet my parents in Chester which is about 50 miles away. So the short of it is, Glowworm and I are trying to stall to time our arrival into Chester with my mom and dad without going past Chester or spending too much time and money in town. And for those who are wondering Dr. McDirty and Cougar are ahead of us by a couple of days because they wanted to be in Chester on the 12th to be near the phone during Cougar’s mom’s (grandma’s?) surgery that’s coming up. 

Anyway, so this morning we stalled by sleeping in which is a rather attractive way of stalling for time. We left camp around 9:00 AM and made the hour and a half walk to the road that goes to Bucks Lake. Bucks Lake is a tiny town with no cell coverage, but the lake lodge offers thru hikers a free beer or ice cream when they come in. We weren’t originally going to stay here and instead move on to Belden, but someone from the town offered to let us stay with them for the night, completely out of the blue. 
To our surprise, there were other hikers there too, several of which we had been around the last few days like Rocket Man and Sticks. The couple who own the house made us lunch, offered us showers and laundry, and let us use their wifi. They even drove us to the lodge to get our free beer and pick up a few food items from the general store. We were completely over whelmed by their kindness. 

By the time we returned the group of hikers had grown to about ten in total coming from the U.S., Canada, Italy, and Israel. For dinner they grilled us delicious burgers and corn on the cob. It’s this kind of unexpected acts of kindness makes this trail worth doing. 

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