Day 84: Snow Beer

84. July 3: Mile 1168.49 Campsite to Mile 1187.05 Campsite 
You know what’s better than a beautiful morning out in the wild? A beautiful morning out in the wild with trail magic. Someone left beers and chips in the snow for hikers along the trail and we were fortunate enough to get there a quarter to 7:00 AM and enjoy said beers and chips (I had Cheetos). This was the first trail magic we’ve had since the desert. It’s especially rare now that the heard of hikers has spread out across the trail due to the snow. So we were totally stoked to come upon it this morning. 

Today was another rather uneventful day. We still had snow in the morning but by the time we hit Mule’s Ears Creek ten miles in at lunch, it was snow free for the rest of the day and we were finally able to just crush some miles for the first time since leaving Kennedy Meadows. I had almost forgotten how blissfully pleasant hiking on miles of dry trail could be. I was able to let my mind wander and not have to constantly focus on my next step or trying to determine if I needed to pull out my ice axe and microspikes each time I reached a new section of snow. 

Glowworm unfortunately had a rough afternoon. With about three and a half miles until camp we had stopped to get some water and she began feeling queasy and nauseous. We stayed to rest for a long while and finally she had enough strength to finish the day (props to here for toughing it out by the way). I’m sure dehydration was a factor. I know my pee had been yellow all day and I too felt a bit uncomfortable with my stomach as well. It had been hot all afternoon and we probably hadn’t been drinking enough water. Cougar and Dr. McDirty offered her some tea and that seemed to make her feel better before going to bed. 

We only have eight miles into town tomorrow and we already have a hotel room booked so we’re going to sleep in before hiking down into Sierra City. We’re hoping to see some fireworks for the fourth tomorrow night as well.  

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