Day 82: Canada Day

82. July 1: Mile 1153.20 Donner Pass to Mile 1153.88 Campsite 
Town day! Finally able to not wake up at 5:00 AM this morning in exchange for some much needed rest. We didn’t even leave our campsite until 10:00 which is super late for us. We were able to get a hitch into town by a guy who was living out of his van which made for a very comfortable back seat (bed). Our first order of business was to get our miserably filthy clothes washed so we stopped at the laundromat and exploded our packs as we dug out our clothes and then changed into our rain gear while still in the laundromat, definitely everything that makes public spaces holy. 

The rest of the day was pretty boring and I’m tired and Glowworm seems to be typing an awful lot on her blog post for the day so you can just read about on her blog at . But the jist of it is we resupplied at the grocery which was packed with July 4th visitors and then loitered at McDonald’s fornthe rest of the day before hiking half a mile on the PCT again. We’re hoping that we’ll get to see some fireworks tonight since it’s a Saturday in a tourist town and since it’s Canada Day. Now sleepy time. Good night. 

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