Day 76: Lake Day

76. June 25: Incline Beach, NV
Ok so I’m now in my tent and can catch up in Day 76 without having to heave all over the inside of someone else’s vehicle. Thank God I’m out of that damn car. 
So on June 25 Grant took us out on a boat onto Lake Tahoe (mostly to impress his new girlfriend that we had dinner with last night, but we joined in). It was really weird. We went down the dock and saw rows and rows of organized country club beach chairs along with a wedding overlooking millions of dollars in boats. It was like the whole scene was pissing wealth. I felt very out of place. 

The boat ride was fun, don’t get me wrong, but I just get so fidgety and bored with water related activities. If I spend more than a few hours at the beach I totally lose my mind. There’s just nothing there to do except sit or spend a shit ton of money on overly priced activities such as diving, or jet skiing, or deep sea fishing, or whatever else. So yeah, the water and the surrounding area was beautiful and all, but it got kinda old after a while. 

As soon as I thought we were about to head back to shore we slowed down so Grant could show us all the mansions. Bleh. I mean, I really appreciate architecture and design, but I don’t know, seeing money being spent on such exorbitant endeavors makes me sick. Most of the owners of these homes don’t even live there! You could fit the entire Von Trap family plus the baroness and doe the deer the female deer multiple times over and there would still be room for the puppet show (yod-el-lay yod-el-lay yod-el- lau e who!). 
I don’t know, this is probably my politically jaded punk rock/hardcore music influences coming out and I’m sure I’ll manage to offend some people in the process, but while Tahoe is indeed beautiful it is also sickening as well. The embodiment of the elite and privileged. Yeah, definitely cannot wait to get back on the trail. 

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