Day 72: Ping Pong World Champion And Dinner

72. June 21: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Spoiler alert: Today panned out like the last five before it. If you found the previous week’s posts monotonous, go scroll through Facebook a few more times. It will be far more interesting. 
After once again slowly dragging our sorry asses out of bed, Glowworm and I returned to the Driftwood Cafe for breakfast like we did on our first morning here. We’re all out of food here at the hostel so after pathetically trying to stuff two plate-sized pancakes into our face holes along with eggs and sausage we lumbered over to the market to buy some groceries. It’s always a good idea to go to the store full, not hungry and certainly not hangry and we excelled at that strategy today. 
We went in with a pretty strict plan and stuck to it. Since we have the time we decided to actually fully cook our dinners for the next two days. Tonight we made eggplant fettuccine with onions, red bell pepper, garlic, and tomatoes and then tomorrow we’re going to make fried rice. This will be the first time I’ve actually cooked anything since getting on the trail-or longer since I don’t actually cook anything anyway (thanks, Mom). 
Napped for several hours. 

After being revived from my coma, I totally destroyed Glowworm is a game of ping pong. For those that don’t know I spent about 70% of my four years in undergrad playing ping pong, 15% riding my bike, 10% pretending to be productive, and 5% actually being productive. So yeah it’s been a little over a year since I’ve gotten my pong on so it was rather gratifying to deliver Glowworm a crushing defeat. And before the throngs of single digit people that read this below average account of being homeless judge me for being a belligerent over competitive lunatic, keep in mind that Glowworm totally hustled me when we played foosball the other day and demolished me in one fell swoop. So she deserved this humiliating loss. 

After my championship victory we made said dinner and it was delicious. We added French bread and oil as well. By far one of the best meals I’ve had on trail. Well, at least that I’ve made myself. Ok I didn’t make the whole thing myself. I boiled the pasta and set the timer so that should count for something. 

Tomorrow should be more of the same, but have hope, readers! Dr. McDirty and Cougar will be in town in a couple days and will surely provide something (anything) more interesting than this shit. 

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