Day 70: Exercise Is Fun(ish) Kinda

70. June 19: South Lake Tahoe, CA
I fully realize that the pattern of events here in Tahoe is beginning to get repetitive, but such is the way of being stuck in town on a limited budget. Glowworm and I once again slept in this morning and slowly made our way over to Starbucks after a few bowls of cereal. There we called Cougar and Dr. McDirty and started making some plans for next week. It looks like we won’t be going to San Francisco after all, which is fine. Cougar and Dr. McDirty will be here Friday and we’ll book up with them when they get here and stay through Monday and as of now resume the trail at Echo Lake which is just south of South Lake Tahoe. 
After Starbucks we went for a run which is something that I haven’t done since I left home. It’s been one week since I was discharged from the hospital so I’m now cleared to resume physical activity so it was great to finally get back out there and move. We didn’t go very hard; just a moderate pace, but it was what I needed. We ran about 30 minutes to the beach and immediately dove into the freezing cold lake to cool off. Up to this point we had not gotten in past our knees, but this felt so refreshing after running out in the heat. I honestly wasn’t expecting to run more than a half hour, so I was kind of surprised that it took that long to get to the lake. The full round trip was nearly an hour and I didn’t really feel too bad all things considered. By the time we get back on the trail I expect to be back to 100%. 
Once we got back to the hostel we showered and went to a nearby taco stand and had some incredible tacos for lunch. It was so good and really hit the spot after a our run. It was then after eating that I realized how tired I was. It’s been a week and a half since I last did any kind of major physical activity and I really felt it when I got up after stuffing my face with tacos. 
As a result the afternoon and evening basically consisted of napping, eating, doing laundry, eating, watching a movie, eating, and now I’m about to sleep again. Still loving the vacation life, but begging to get that itch to get back out on the trail. 
P.S. I promise I’ll try to take more pictures tomorrow. I just realized that I have taken basically no pictures since being here. Compared to the trail nothing really seems picture worthy, but I also realize that the 10 of you that actually read this are probably curious to see a visual of this time warped black hole of nothingness. 

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