Day 69: Back On The Bike

69. June 18: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Finally back on the bike! Well, sort of. Today we once again took our time getting up, had some cereal that we bought at the grocery and rented a couple bikes to ride around town. There was a nice bike path (that I admittedly managed to take a wrong turn on and get us mildly lost) and we rode down to a third beach that we had not reached yesterday. This one was more of a marina than a beach, but it was still nonetheless filled with people. It’s easy to forget that summer break is in full swing. My perception of time outside the PCT is still based off of when I left in early April so it’s weird to think that the world has moved on since I left. 
These blog posts while in town are going to be a challenge. It’s far less interesting than being on the trail. I like it that way, though. The less interesting the more relaxing and enjoyable it is. I love being able to just leisurely kill time. It’s such a great mental change of pace from the last two months, especially the last week. 
Another plus to an extended stay in town is being able to cook real food. While it sucks to take the time to do it, being able to cook a meal on a stove or in the oven is a luxury. Tonight Glowworm and I made some delicious vegetable stir fry for dinner followed by more cereal just because. It’s the little things that make these long town stays great. 

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