Day 67: Beach Bums

68. June 17: South Lake Tahoe, CA
It’s so nice to not have to do anything or answer to anyone. That was really the name of the game today. Glowworm and I lazily woke up. Went out for some breakfast when we felt like it and had these amazing huevos rancheros nachos and then took a mid morning nap because we could. In the afternoon we went to the beach and hung out there for a bit until we felt it was too crowded and then walked to another beach across the state line into Nevada (the city sits right on the border) and then sat our happy asses there for a while before video calling Cougar and catching up with her. 

It sounds like Cougar and Dr. McDirty may come to Tahoe to visit their other cousin Grant on Wednesday or Thursday so we might be able to see them before we head west to San Francisco. 
In the evening Glowworm and I headed to the local movie theater to see Wonder Woman. First time I’ve seen a movie in theaters since March so that was a lot of fun. Since we’re still on trail time and haven’t gotten on a “normal” schedule again we went straight to bed at 9:30. Life is good. 

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