Day 65: Making Plans

65. June 14: Visalia, CA
I’m really starting to get antsy here. While I love being with family that I don’t get to see very often, I must admit that I’m getting stir crazy. This morning I just had to get out and went for a five mile walk on a local walking path. It was great to get moving again and separate myself from everything that’s been going on. 
While on the walk I sadly learned the news that Cougar and Dr. McDirty had decided to leave the trail for the time being so Cougar can heal up from her leg injury. I was really hoping to see them before they left, but I will hopefully see them again. This just hasn’t been our week. Dr. McDirty’s cousin, Ross flew them back to San Francisco in his plane and Glowworm is now at the hostel in Bishop waiting to meet back up with me. It’s really hard having the family break up. We’ve been together since literally the beginning and now that we’ve all had our various issues it’s fallen apart. Hopefully we’ll be reunited soon. 
My afternoon was spent brainstorming what on earth Glowworm and I were going to do moving forward. The Sierras are just too much right. Too much snow, too many frigid river fords, too much risk. Both of us were pretty determined heading into the mountains, but things have changed and we’ve come to the conclusion that we would much rather be with our friends than try to be heroes through the Sierras. The problem, though, is that Northern California is still full of snow and difficult conditions even though it never really rises above 6000 feet. So what we need is time. A lot of time. I’m thinking like a week and a half to two weeks. I thought about maybe doing Yosemite but the logistics of getting from Bishop over there are a bit complex so we decided to settle on Lake Tahoe since we can take public transit from Bishop to Carson City. 
So the plan currently is for me to go to my follow up appointment tomorrow and then have my uncle drive me back to Bishop to meet back up with Glowworm and then the two of us are going to head to Tahoe for a week or so and just take a vacation away from the trail to just relax and decompress and this past weeks events. Afterwards we might head over to San Francisco for a few days since I know some people there and maybe even meet up with our friends Cougar and Dr. McDirty there as well. So excited to get back with her and just get away from all of this. 

One comment

  1. Mary Coleman · June 15, 2017

    Wishing you the best, Michael. I’ve been following your blog and getting updates from your Mom. Ingi and I hope for a safe rest of your hike and for your adventure to continue as you wish. Mary


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