Day 64: Surprises

64. June 13: Visalia, CA
Crazy how well this all worked out. Just hung out with my cousin Brett and his wife and daughter along with my Uncle Russ all day. Took two naps, played with their dog, met my new first cousin once removed (I think that’s the relation), ate food. It’s been nice. I must admit, though, that I’m getting pretty bored. Ready to just move on from here and be back with my trail family. 
Did a lot of texting with them throughout the day, though. Cougar is having more trouble with her leg again and is now at the hospital in Bishop trying to get that sorted out. She had a physical therapist come to the hotel today and it seemed to help, but she’s still struggling. We just can’t seem to win. 
The prevailing plan is to hopefully go up to Lake Tahoe and spend a few days there with some of Dr. McDirty’s family, but that has yet to be sorted out so it’s still up in the air. It’s crazy how just a week ago I would have been so against skipping the Sierras. I had this mindset of pushing through no matter what. I think Glowworm did too, but after our weeks (me being hospitalized and them dealing with frigid temperatures) we’ve all just realized how little a half meter wide piece of dirt means to us and how much the people around mean instead. It’s people that are important. No material thing can change that. 

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