Day 52: From The Desert To The Mountains 

52. June 1: Mile 676.09 Campsite to Mile 698.04 Campsite 
The world around me is beginning to change. This morning was all in a beautiful pine forest. A welcome departure from the exposed desert that we’ve been hiking in. Early in the morning there was an incredible view of a canyon with clouds slowing cascading through it almost like a slow moving water fall. By far one of the move amazing things I’ve seen on this trip so far. 

After breakfast we began hiking up a 2500 foot climb up to 8000 feet in elevation. We transitioned from the pine forest into an exposed burned area. It was pretty hot as we approached lunchtime, but it was made better once the trail turned north after hiking east for some time and revealed a spectacular view of the snow capped peaks of the Sierras. 

By 3:00 Glow Worm and I had reached a creek to find Cougar and Dr. McDirty! They had started earlier than us from Lake Isabella and we had been trying to catch up with them ever since. After taking a break in the shade we hiked to the South Fork of the Kern River and set up camp at an awesome river side beach site. We even got a chance to get in a swim in the freezing water before the sun went down. 

We will be arriving in Kennedy Meadows tomorrow morning and hopefully eating pancakes at Grumpy Bear’s Retreat. So pumped!

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