Day 48: Lake Isabella 500

48. May 28: Lake Isabella, CA
Race day! The hardest part about the PCT so far hasn’t really been anything on the trail as much as it’s been not being home in Indy for the race. Fortunately, we were in town so I was at least able to watch it on TV. Huge shoutout to my trail family: Cougar, Dr. McDirty and Glow Worm. For people who could care less about cars going around in circles they watched the whole thing with me and seemed relatively into it. 

The race itself was nuts. Dixon had a massive wreck with Jay Howard and Alonso had an incredible run before his engine ironically blew with 20 laps to go. Takuma Sato pulled off a hugely unexpected win in the end. The event never ceases to surprise me. 
After the race Glow Worm and I hogged the Taco Bell wifi while Cougar and Dr. McDirty shopped for their resupply. Another zero is on the booked for tomorrow. Hoping to get some more chores done. 

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