Day 46: Mountains In The Distance

46. May 26: Mile 630.87 Bird Spring Pass to Mile 651.30 Walker Pass Campground 

It’s hard to believe that in a week we will be in the midst of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in addition to now having less than 2000 miles to go. Just this morning were waking up in the desert after an incredibly windy night and climbed 1500 feet for our first glimpse of the Sierras with snow capped peaks on the horizon. For the past month and a half the desert has been our home. The landscape has changed often, but has kept common themes. Even today as it looked like we were in the pine forest for good, it reverted back to desert scrub. I’m both elated and nervous about what is to come. Before we hike on to Kennedy Meadows (the unofficial beginning of the Sierras) we’re going to spend several days in Lake Isabella to rest up and prepare for the next leg of the trail. Tomorrow Glow Worm and I will go into town in the morning and wait for Dr. McDirty and Cougar to arrive in the evening and then we’re going to take two zeros and then wait for Glow Worm’s shoes to arrive on Tuesday before hiking the three days to Kennedy Meadows. We weren’t really planning on staying nearly four days, but the holiday weekend has forced our hand. Oh well, still very much looking forward to some extended rest. 

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