Day 35: Cold + Wet + Beer = A Rather Interesting Evening 

35. May 15: Mile 459.61 Campsite to Mile 477.38 Casa De Luna

Let’s start this off with a framework. I’m drunk. I fully realize this will be much to the disappointment of my parents, grandparents, and church friends but that is nonetheless the situation. At least I’m not lying, right? So today started off fairly well actually. It was pretty cool and cloudy this morning. I hiked alone seeing Glow Worm briefly while we got water at a spring. At one point I got a song in my head while taking a snack break. It was I Prevail’s post-hardcore cover of Blank Space by Taylor Swift. Lo and behold I had service and was able to download it. I then promptly proceeded to listen to it 20 times before moving on to something else. It’s the little things that really make this hike. 
But, you see, this hike has a lot of shitty moments. For instance, after I jammed to this song for two hours and ate lunch, Mother Earth decided to piss on us. ALL AFTERNOON. The temperature dropped to around 40-45 degrees and it was a constant, steady rain for the rest of the day. I was soaked by the time we got to Casa De Luna AKA the Anderson’s. At one point I said to Glow Worm, “I’m not as miserable as I was yesterday, but I’m still pretty miserable. Although all things considered I guess I’m not that miserable.” “I’m in a pretty good mood,” she responded. Yeah, we didn’t say much until we got the trail angel. We clearly had different views on the situation. 
We got a hitch the Casa De Luna and upon arrival everyone was huddle under a tarp cuddled together with blankets. Metric, Bandit, and Yardsale were there as well and everyone had already started drinking and it wasn’t even 3:00 yet. After pathetically changing out of my soaked clothes and shivering incessantly, I finally warmed up and Yardsale conveniently brought beer for all of us. I promptly downed an undisclosed amount and Dr. McDirty and Cougar arrived soon after. The trail angel fed us taco salad and we hung out into the evening. After dark we all took turns dancing to get our PCT Class of 2017 bandannas. I performed my personal favorite, The Bernie (let’s be honest it’s the only thing I know how to to, although it’s much harder after a few select beverages). On a side not I managed to puncture a hole in my tent. Fair enough. That may have been deserved.  

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