Day 34: Emo Jimmy Buffet Songs

34. May 14: Mile 454.50 Hiker Heaven to Mile 459.61 Campsite 

Some days suck for no reason. Sounds like an emo version of a Jimmy Buffet song. But really though today kind sucked. I was in a funk all day. I think it kind of started with how last night ended. We were watching The Princess Bride at Hiker Heaven (which was not the bad part by the way; I adore that movie) and had to wait until 10:00 to finally get a shower because people weren’t going when it was there turn and when they finally did get in they took forever so between that and going to bed exhausted due to it being super late (I normally go to bed by 8:00) I was already a bit cranky. Plus, I tend to withdraw inward when I’m in a large group of people and don’t have space to myself. I love being in small, more intimate groups like our foursome trail family, but large groups really wear me out. On top of that my phone charger quit working on me so I had to borrow Cougar’s before I could buy one today.  
This morning didn’t really start out very relaxing either. I was stressed about trying to determine my resupply strategy for the beginning of the Sierras which are only a couple weeks away. Trying to figure out how many days of food to take in conditions that will tremendously slow our progress is rather hard when you’ve been hiking in the desert for the past month. So on top of that we were planning on going to REI at 10:00 am to get new shoes and pick up some other gear before getting back on the trail. That created a bit of a clusterfuck since I was also planning on calling my parents before we left. I wasn’t able to get a hold of them until about 20 minutes before we left so I wasn’t able to really visit with them like I wanted and just had to give them information about resupply packages to Kennedy Meadows. Then, the Uber ride to the store and back from the store made me car sick. It was a combination of all of these relatively insignificant small things that I think built up inside of me and just got me in a funk. 
I was perturbed the whole time I was packing up. Nothing anyone said was funny to me. The whole first hour of our hike out of Agua Dulce was spent listening to some “woe is me and my emotions” hardcore album (Wildlife by La Dispute if anyone is interested, which you should because it is so good.) I hate being this way around my friends out here. No one likes to be around a sour puss and I don’t like to be one. Definitely out of the funk now while I’m laying in my tent reflecting on my day. Here’s to a new day tomorrow. 

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