Day 33: A Sleep Deprived Gummies Pathetically Attempts To Recount His Day

33. May 13: Mile 444.50 Acton KOA to Mile 454.50 Hiker Heaven

Second day in a row that I’ve been able to sleep in. Of course sleeping in is more of a mental thing rather than actually being able to sleep in. I rarely ever stay up past 8:00 these days and my biological clock has me waking up at 5:30 so physically sleeping in is damn near impossible. So even though I only slept in until 6:00 I was able to use the morning to find an empty RV parking spot at the KOA and use the outlet to charge my phone and give my dad a call. Afterwards they were serving $4.00 pancake breakfasts and we chowed down before finally hitting the trail around 10:00. The hike was hot, yet short. Barring a few near disasters like Glow Worm’s ankle being nearly impaled by a yucca plant or discovering holes in my socks, it was a fairly seamless hike into the legendary Hiker Heaven. 
The place was literally paradise. Outlets, wifi, dogs, horses, chickens. Seriously, though, everything. We ordered pizza and gorged ourselves while waiting for our turn to take a shower which took several hours. I’m just now showered and it’s 10:30 as I write this so I’m working on fumes. In fact I have no clue what more to write even though I know a lot more happened. So on that bombshell, I’m out. 

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