Day 30: 400 Miles Without Dying

30. May 10: Mile 383.90 Little Jimmy Campground to Mile 403.13 Three Points Trailhead 

There are some days on the PCT that are like a well written drama with a thick plot with lots of twist and turns, a climax, and a conclusion. Today was not one of those days and I am very thankful for it. Sometimes a calm, relaxing, and uneventful day is what is needed most and that’s what I got today. I hiked mostly alone while taking breaks with Glow Worm and Dr. McDirty & Cougar. Other than that nothing much happened. No extreme weather or 20 mile water carries or anything crazy; just the ability to quietly walk other than a few big climbs. The first climb was up Mt. Williamson which resulted in some spectacular views of the valley. And by valley I mean peaks up the mountains poking out of a soft ocean of white clouds. You could almost imagine a landscape all made up of the clouds with rivers and valleys and hills all perfectly laid out in this reservoir of fluffy white. The afternoon was rather warm. Not sure what temperature it got up to, but considering yesterday it briefly snowed on us it certainly felt hot. We descended further down later in the day and eventually into the clouds themselves. It was very eerie and the clouds slowed crawled through the landscaped and covered everything with a thin layer of condensation. Our campsite is at a trailhead parking lot in a small grove of trees. There aren’t really any established campsites around so we’re staying here for the night since there are latrines and picnic tables. It’s just Glow Worm and I along with a couple other tents. Dr. McDirty and Cougar are camping a mile back. Well, we think so at least. A couple that’s here with us said that they saw a couple that met they’re description setting up camp a mile back. Hopefully we will see them tomorrow. It’s kind of sad not being able to unwind with them after the day’s hike. 

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