Day 13: Birthday Boy

13. April 23: Mile 9.10 of Fire Closure Alternate Herkey Creek Campground to Mile 18.00 of Alternate Idyllwild

Our crew of four camped with Salty Dog last night and he hiked with us into Idyllwild. It was a nice morning, but it was a big climb and decent into town and drug on. We stopped at The Red Kettle to celebrate my birthday with pancakes and from there Salty Dog went to get a campsite in town and we got a cheap cabin for a couple nights. The cabin itself is rather funny. It has a queen that sits below a massive portrait of a bear and then two twins that Glow Worm and I shared that are crammed into a tiny room and separated by less than a foot. We got a free load a laundry which will be our first real washing since we started and we were all able to take full on showers as well. Called mom and dad in the afternoon and in the evening we went out to eat at The Lumber Mill and had the most juicy burger. Everyone says that Paradise Cafe has the best burger on the PCT, but these were so fucking good. Afterwords we got a six pack of IPA’s and a roll of cookie dough and chilled out on the porch of the cabin. Tomorrow we’re going to take a zero and rest up before taking on Mt. San Jacinto on Monday. 

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