Day 5: Under A Rock

5. April 15: Mile 55.94 Campsite in boulder trail to Mile 73.08 Campsite on trail

By far the hardest day so far. Slept really well in the boulder field site under my rock and woke up early to watch the sun rise over the mountains. Got an early start and leapfrogged Kristin much of the day. Hiked with a guy from Riverside, CA for a bit and got some trail magic from Ken who we had met at Scout and Frodo’s in the form of a tangerine. Met this strange kid who said his dad died last year and was a Navy Seal. Said he was killing snakes for food. He was out of water so I gave him a bit. Then I hiked with Charlie Brown, a 70 year old bad ass, for the rest of the day. The terrain was very up and down and really fucking hot. We are very much in the desert now at this lower elevation. The afternoon was brutal with no shade from the sun as we descended into the valley. Cowboy camping just off the trail with Bob from Everywhere, Charlie Brown, and Sage a filthy hippie kid with a massive external frame backpack that only cowboy camps and has mid 90’s topo maps and currently has just went out of his way to piss on the trail. There’s some really interesting people on this trail. Probably 2.5 days until Warner Springs where I can do laundry, shower, get a hot meal and resupply. 

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