Day 4: I See Mountains 

4. April 14: Mile 41.47 Mount Laguna to Mile 55.94 Campsite in boulder field

Left Mt. Laguna after a very windy and cold night. My wet clothes that I had washed the day before were frozen. Jo & Mick and Kristin left together and immediately found numerous cougar tracks on the first mile of the trail. Didn’t see the cougar, though. Saw some pretty impressive cliffs and views of the mountains. Most of the terrain was flat to slightly downhill. We even saw our first view of San Jacinto. We leapfrogged through lunch and eventually we wound up at a small campsite in the middle of a massive boulder field. Jo and Mick didn’t see it and passed us, but Kristin and I both cowboy camped. I put my sleeping bag under a couple of large boulders that were leaning together to make a bit of a shelter. We had the place to ourselves since we got there at 4:00, but eventually a bunch of people showed up late. It was really nice to have company and people to chat with after dinner. 

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