Day 25: Taking Up Residence At McDick’s

25. May 5: Mile 329.51 Picnic Area to Mile 347.19 Campsite 

McDonald’s day! It was only a 12 mile hike to Cajon Pass and a beautiful one at that with a bunch of sandy foothills and cliffs. It was so beautiful and exciting that I managed to fall asleep while taking a break a mile and a half from McDonald’s. I sat down with my back up against a rock and apparently I fell asleep. The next thing I knew Glow Worm was standing over me and I was very confused. I still had my ear buds in listening to music and had my sunglasses and bat on as well. Guessing I was more tired that I thought. We got to McDonald’s and it was Hiker Trash heaven. Everyone that we have seen in the last couple days were there. Packs were strewn about with filthy ass hikers penetrating the cleanliness of normal society. It was a glorious scene. I spent $15.00 on a double cheeseburger, 10 piece chicken nuggets, large fries, a drink, and a McFlurry. It was worth every penny. We sat in the booth for four hours before leaving and grabbing some snacks and heading back to the trail. We hiked a few more hours before settling on a site right before the big climb to Wrightwood. I discovered what appears to be the beginnings of a blister on the ball of my right foot. This will be my first real blister 3.5 weeks in and it already hurts like a motherfucker and it’s bound to get worse. I think my sweaty feet combined with not changing my socks probably contributed to that. Fortunately we are only a day and a half from Wrightwood where we’re taking a zero so hopefully it will heal up. 

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