Day 24: Pizza Cools You Off

24. May 4: Mile 310.18 Beach Campsite after Rainbow Bridge to Mile 329.51 Picnic Area

Today was another boiler. Got up into the 90’s. By mid morning I was hiking with Glow Worm and we stayed together for pretty much the rest of the day. I really enjoy hiking with her. We chatted quite a bit a well. We stopped for lunch around 1:00 and about 15 miles in. We stopped at a beach next to a reservoir lake and was able to swim in the cool water before eating. Dr. McDirty and Cougar passed us while we were resting in a day use area with White Flash from Sweden about three miles from where we planned to camp. They were already at the picnic area when we arrived. This place has bathrooms, an outlet, and picnic tables. We read on Guthook that you could order pizza from Roadhouse Pizza so the people who had gathered all pitched in and bought pizza which was fucking fantastic. I ate half a large veggie pizza and it was totally worth it. This is the first time while I’ve been on the trail minus town food that I’ve been full after dinner. We’re all cowboy camping under the concrete picnic shelter. Tomorrow I’m getting up early to get to the McDonald’s at Cajon Pass by lunch which is 12 miles away. Going to stuff my god damn face when I get there. 

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