Day 20: I lost 5 Pounds 

20. April 30: Mile 256.18 Arrastre Trail Camp to Mile 266.10 Big Bear Lake

Last night was super cold. Got down below freezing. Wound up putting socks on my hands since I currently don’t have gloves. Glow Worm, Dr. McDirty, Cougar and I all hiked the 10 miles to Big Bear together. We got a hitch into town and stayed at Big Bear Hostel. The hostel referred us to Teddy Bear Restaurant for a $5.00 hiker special breakfast and we also had pie. Afternoon was spent doing laundry and chilling out. Went to a Mexican place for burritos and beer after with a couple other hikers as well. They had a scale at the hostel and I’m now at 140 lbs after starting out at 145. The plan for tomorrow is to eat breakfast, go to the post office, go to the grocery for resupply, eat lunch, and then buy pizza and beer for dinner on the trail. I think we’re only going to do two miles or so so it should be a fun day in town.  

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