Day 15: Snow In The Desert

15. April 25: Mile 179.4 Idyllwild to Mile 186.4 on Mt. San Jacinto summit trail 1.3 miles from PCT 185.70

Today we got a ride from Idyllwild to the Devil’s Slide trail that took us back to the PCT. It was ridiculously steep but we pressed on to the PCT junction and continued the climb up to the San Jacinto peak trail. It was there that we encountered our first snow and eventually put on our microspikes. It was still very challenging and slippery even with those on but we were able to manage it. It took us until 3:00 after starting at 8:20 to reach the summit. The snow near the peak was soft and sketchy. We postholled a lot and had to constantly find the trail. After a late lunch on the summit we made it to a campsite about a mile down from the summit. Extremely difficult, challenging and rewarding day. We only did about 9 miles due to the snow so we will likely try to make up for lost time tomorrow as we take on Fuller ridge. 

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