Day 11: I Dub Thee Cougar And Dr. McDirty 

11. April 21: Mile 140.16 Nance Canyon to Mile 155.93 Campsite

Leapfrogged Jo and Mick and Glow Worm for much of the day. We actually more traveled in a group. Stopped in Anza at the Paradise Valley Cafe and we all got burgers and milkshakes. Mick acquired a trail name while at lunch. We were talking about how last night Lauren was complaining about her blisters and was saying how she needed a doctor and so Mick came over to her and in his doctor voice (he is a doctor) asked what the problem was and gave he advice. So we started making comparisons to McDreamy and somehow Dr. McDirty came out of that. Jo accepted a name I suggested at Warner Springs, Cougar since she’s always pointing out cougar tracks and just so happens to be a bit older than Mick. Also saw another rattlesnake today. He was sunning out on a dirt road and I thought we were clear of him but he coiled up and rattled loudly before slithering off into the bushes. Should only be a day and a half to Idyllwild. We’re going to have to take an alternate route, though, due to a fire closure. 

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